Novi Home with Outdoor Pool

Our Northville/Novi home for sale is is completely secluded and has a inground Gunite heated pool. Gunite pools are the most elaborate of all the pool categories. Look at the size of this pool! It is 20 foot wide by 44 foot long; you can do some serious laps or have lots of people over for a pool party.

And this one is very easy to maintain. It has an automatic pool cover that keeps the leaves out. You just turn a key in a switch to open or close the cover. It has an extra capacity filtration system with 2 skimmers. It is heated by propane gas. You can see the diving board. And there is an outdoor full bath with a glass block shower and ceramic tile. The bath is heated and air conditioned!

And if you look closely, you can see the attached 8 foot by 8 foot spa the above the pool. You can create a waterfall effect so that the water overflows from the spa into the pool.

There is 4,000 square feet of brick paver, concrete, and decking. And you can’t see it in this photo, but there is a 24 square foot Gazebo with electricity and phone that has a dry bar and storage cabinets.

This is your dream come true and very affordable.


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